Tablets and PCs - Not Necessarily Perfect Partners

Send faxes wirelessly from a tablet with eFaxMany businesses have been distributing tablets to their employees to encourage remote working programs.

A problem, however, lies in the fact that managers expect their staffers to be able to use the mobile devices exactly like desktops and laptops.

Ken Dulaney, an analyst at an IT research firm, recently told The Wall Street Journal that files don't always work on multiple platforms. "If you send someone files from their desktop infrastructure, there's no guarantee everything in those files will be presented to the end user correctly," Dulaney said.

The news source also writes that some companies plan on making their computer programs tablet-friendly, but there are alternatives available.

An online fax service can eliminate presentation and formatting problems between computers and tablets. Employees can take pictures of documents with their tablets and send them as email attachments to co-workers and clients. The files appear the same on both devices, so that information isn't lost or hidden.

Additionally, users can access an internet fax service from apps or web browsers. The documents are stored in a cloud so that they can be read in a window that has been optimized for specific devices.

The mobile programs allow employees to edit and sign faxes with via fingertip, while keyboard commands are enabled for desktops and laptops.

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