Here Come the Millennials!

mike pugh bylineIs 2014 the year of the Millennial entrepreneur?

According to a new article,
it just might be. 

In a byline published today titled "Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now," j2 Global's Vice President of Marketing Mike Pugh makes a strong case for 2014 being the year that millennials -- those aged 18 to 29 -- shift the epicenter of today's workforce from that of a
9 to 5 mentality to one of a " anytime, anywhere, on my own terms" mentality.

What's influencing this shift? Two key trends, according to Pugh.

First, the reality of an economy and workforce that, while gradually improving, is still shaking off the effects of the Great Recession. Add to that the influence of new cloud services such as a virtual phone system and online fax service that essentially eliminate the need for traditional office tools -- phones, fax machines, desktop computers -- with the youthful energy and ingenuity of millennials, and you have a charter for big changes in the way we work, and live.

In the Entrepreneur article, Pugh points to data from a recent j2 Global small business survey that supports the trend towards millennials quickly jumping into and impacting the workforce. 

It's 2014, and a raring-to-go, educated and resourceful group of millennials are rushing into the workforce. Are you ready? 

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