Decision-makers must deploy mobile strategies to reduce risk

Despite the growing prevalence of mobile devices in the workplace, a large portion of businesses have failed to implement a mobile strategy.

According to a poll conducted by Software AG, around 60 percent of organizations don't have a company-wide mobile initiative, while only 22 percent have begun to research how they can implement these plans, ITworld reported.

Only 15 percent of respondents that admitted to having a mobile plan said it was a company-wide strategy. Meanwhile, 25 percent of participants said they have only partially deployed mobile initiatives, ITworld noted.

Bring-your-own-device programs, however, are gaining traction in the business world, with almost three-quarters of survey respondents saying they have introduced or plan to develop these policies, the report said.

Software AG mobile director John Chasey said that even though not all organizations have a BYOD plan in place, many employees use their personal computing gadgets anyway, ITworld reported.

According to a GigaOM report, BYOD is unstoppable, as workers will continue to demand they be able to use online fax and phone services through their personal electronics. As a result, smart decision-makers will develop mobile strategies to counteract individuals circumventing protocol and introducing new vulnerabilities.

For example, workers who rely on fax for exchanging documents that require legal staus -- i.e. documents that retain "as good as original" status and can be submitted in a court of law ... which applies to faxed documents -- can now use their mobile devices to send, receive, and even sign fax documents, directly from a mobile device such as a cell phone or iPad.

The eFax mobile app for iPhone and iPad allows this functionality. A mobile worker could receive a contract via fax directly on their iPad, review the document, and sign (via digitized signature) all without having to be near a fax machine.

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