6 Things Small Business Owners Fear the Most

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A new survey from eFax's sister company, eVoice (a small business phone system) reveals six things small business owners are thinking about as Halloween approaches.

Scariest Concern for Small Businesses

  • 50% - Getting and keeping customers
  • 31% - Another economic downturn
  • 14% - Keeping up with technology
  • 7% - Securing credit

Top Reasons for Using a Virtual Phone System

  1. Recorded greeting sounds more professional
  2. 800 number makes business look bigger
  3. It's like having a virtual receptionist

Losing customers is a real fear

  • 1 in 3 have lost a customer due to a missed call

Business is getting cloudy

  • 72% have started moving their business to the cloud

Tis the season

  • 62% forecast a better holiday season than last year

Business owners are keeping it real

  • Only 5% of small businesses are superstitious

View complete survey results here. View the infographic here.









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